Welcome to PongBox.nl !

Every retro fan.. young or seasoned.. will instantly know where home gaming all started.. during the seventies a revolution started, and the world was soon filled with first generation gaming consoles! These early machines are these days often lovingly called a Pong Box!

So.. what better name for a hobby-gone-wild and an ode to retro gaming store to say “hello world” on the web.. welcome to the PongBox, a shop where customers, suppliers and seller are all equally mad, bonkers or nutty.. we all are simply passionate about retro consoles and home computers of yesteryears!

This shop obviously loves all consoles, from the record breaking Commodore 64 or Nintendo NES to the obscure and perculiar machines like a VM Labs Nuon or Mattel Aquarius that commercially flopped before even really entering the market.. So our product focus shows love to all machines from first to sixth generation game consoles! If we don’t have an item in stock, feel free to ask us for it! 🙂

So.. what WILL you find at the PongBox?

  • Consoles-R-Us: Just the bare machine, or fully packaged retail box, anything goes
  • Games: cartridges, floppies, tapes, cards, etc. you name it
  • Accessories: original or third party, joysticks, power supply, monitors, etc.
  • Repairs: chips, rams, capacitor kits, drive belts, bits, bobs, what-cha-ma-callits, and more 😉
  • NEW: Wait new? yes.. 100% new items from developers for retro machines!
  • Dropship: items from external sellers/producers that are showcased here and lovingly shipped from third parties (dropship items are clearly marked)

Faq: So what about current gen?
PongBox considers generation 7 and 8 consoles as current-gen.. we definitely don’t booh the current Playstations, Xbox’ and Nintendo’s, but instead let them enjoy their youth in the spotlight of mainstream outlets whilst we wait for them to mature before adding them here 😉

Not in stock?
Our stock changes often, which is great for our customers.. we add a lot of freshly polished and hugged retro material weekly.. also good for us, as much as we like to hug and love our items, we eventually do need to eat too 🙂 However.. if an item is currently not in stock, or even nowhere to be found? Please.. do drop us a line! We very (VERY) often cater to our customers as a “go-get” to find items, that’s actually how we started this shop, by finding, refurbishing and repairing retro items, so we can lovingly bubblewrap them and sent swiftly to their new homes.

World Wide shipping?
Although we do ship worldwide, our store logistics is set-up to tailor to European customers. Visitors from outside Europea are however VERY welcome to contact us. As an example, we often sell machines such a Philips CDi or Videopac’s across the globe, but like to make sure buyers are aware of import tax, shipping calculations etc.

Fresh ideas?
Awesome! If there is something we’ve learned over the years, it’s that we love jumping onto fresh new ideas, or finding a special item that a retro fan is desperately searching for! So.. if you are looking for an item currently not available in our store, or if you have developed a piece of kit and want us to sell it to our fan base, please drop us a line!

Welcome to the PongBox!
As you can probably tell, we could go on for hours chatting your ears of about retro gaming.. so lets wrap up this page and let you enjoy our shop! If you’d like to contact us for whatever reason, please drop us a line at: hello@pongbox.nl